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Phil Morris

This is so sad, Sydney, yet the images are brilliant
and so very beautifully done, a wonderful documentary.
Too bad they realize little the harm and cruelty they
are inflicting on the animals.
And yet the images are fascinating to view, your photo
work is amazing.


Hopefully this will create more awareness regarding the chicken industry as a whole... great series!

Pavan Kaul

A great and very moving series Sydney! Bravo!!!


Évidemment... le résultat est attrayant et la vente en gros ou au détail peut commencer.


Oh, *these* chicks... :lol:

The colorful pictures are surprising!


I'm surprised at this fellow's purchase of several chicks. Nice series showing the variety in chick coloring.


Though it may not help, it's important your great testimony goes on with these shocking shots.


great street photography :) I am not feeling we;; seeing these pure little ones ;)


Ta troisième photo est très évocatrice! J'aime beaucoup.

luna miranda

this makes me sad...


i cringed at these pinoys who make this cruelty to birds (animals) a living. there should be laws to cover for this and if there are already, should be well-implemented.


les pauvres bêtes !

SD (Aspherical)

Wow, those are some crazy colorful photos, a nice contrast to the B&W series on Master Anos. Thanks for sharing this, it never occurred to me that male chicks were unwanted, or to wonder what happened to them.


I pity the chicks for what is done to them but I pity more the people who have to resort to doing this thing to earn an income that is probably not even enough to feed them and their families each and every day.


i really like the top photograph. perhaps it's my imagination but to me it looks like some of the chicks in the top drawer are looking at the second drawer chicks with concern.


this is one reason why i don't eat Peeps.. ;)

Otto K.

it is very unfortunate, but excellent reportage.


J'aime beaucoup ta troisième photo


So unnatural.
This is Halloween.


My goodness, Sidney, this is unreal.


Pauvres poussins, ils ne méritent pas ça.
Bonne fin de semaine.


This is so sad but once again you get into the nitty gritty of photojournalism in documenting the lives of these little creatures.


.. you caught the chick-deal!

fortuitous faery

I'm pretty sure PETA and APSCA would consider this cruelty to animals. Helpless chicks shouldn't pay for the price of cuteness.


Il me font un peu de la peine ces poussins ; mais j'ai une pub ancienne qui me revient c'était le " united colors of Benetton "

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